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Vichipedie:Elezion aministradôrs

De Vichipedie, la enciclopedie libare dute in marilenghe.

In cheste pagjine si pues votâ pe creazion di gnûfs aministradôrs.

Candidature a aministradôr[modifiche il codiç]

Remove Klenje[modifiche il codiç]

Please pardon me for speaking no Friulian. This user is inactive after 2009-07-03 here and 2011-03-12 everywhere on Wikimedia. [1] I did remind him or her at the Klenje and by email back around 2012-12-18 without any answer, so I suppose that this user has vanished. For your security, I would like to kindly propose removing the long inactive administrator flag.--Jusjih (discussioni) 25 di Dic 2012 a lis 10:26 (UTC)

Pro[modifiche il codiç]

  • Support removing flag as nominator.--Jusjih (discussioni) 25 di Dic 2012 a lis 10:26 (UTC)

Cuintri[modifiche il codiç]

  • par me al è miôr spietâ, no crôt che a sedin dai problemis di sigurece (i think it's better wait) --Tocaibon (discussioni) 27 di Dic 2012 a lis 22:05 (UTC)
    Comment: Acknowledging your different opinion, please specify how long to wait. Abandoning privileged flags may compromise your wiki's security if someone ever steals this user's password, so please reconsider. Thanks.--Jusjih (discussioni) 3 di Zen 2013 a lis 19:44 (UTC)

Esit[modifiche il codiç]